Muh Ibnu Habil Hanafi

I work as a Software Engineer and use Linux for work. Typically, I use opensource software while developing backend systems. I occasionally work on front-end development as well (small parts). I simply love software engineering.


Check out some of my projects in the following list.

Laboratory Electronic Form

PHP, JavaScript

(in-house project)

Warehouse Stock Organizer

PHP, JavaScript

(in-house project)

BC Coconut Raw Meat

PHP, JavaScript

(in-house project)

BC Item Monitoring

PHP & Nodejs/ExpressJS, Handlebars

(in-house project)

Tools Watcher

Nodejs/Express, Handlebars, JavaScript

(in-house project)

Arkadia Web Portal

NodeJS, PHP, VueJS, PWA, Google AMP

(in-house project)

Media Asset Management


(in-house project)

Self-Service Ad Platform

Python, VueJS

(in-house project)


A little more about me.

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I've been working in Tech for about 7 years now, I provide solutions & team up with businesses that want to get past obstacles and reach their goals. I code primarily in the backend system. The frameworks that I usually use are ExpressJS, Laravel/Lumen/Phalcon, and Actix-web. I also code in the frontend though, I know VueJS and GatsbyJS, been using them for a while. I'm relatively new to the Rust language & its environment. My other expertise includes Linux, Docker, Git, PWA, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL & MongoDB.

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