Muh Ibnu Habil Hanafi

I am a Linux user and Developer. I usually work with open source technology, especially for backend technology. Sometimes I also get involved in frontend development (small parts). I simply love software engineering.


Check out some of my projects in the following list.

Laboratory Electronic Form

PHP, JavaScript

(in-house project)

Warehouse Stock Organizer

PHP, JavaScript

(in-house project)

BC Coconut Raw Meat

PHP, JavaScript

(in-house project)

BC Item Monitoring

PHP & Nodejs/ExpressJS, Handlebars

(in-house project)

Tools Watcher

Nodejs/Express, Handlebars, JavaScript

(in-house project)

Arkadia Web Portal

NodeJS, VueJS, PHP, PWA, Google AMP

(in-house project)

Media Asset Management


(in-house project)

Self-Service Ad Platform

Python, VueJS

(in-house project)


A little more about me.

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Some of my current activity: getting started with Rust language (I really want to use Rust in my project), having fun with React Native (create apps using expo), exploring GatsbyJS features and Plugins, updating my blog and my youtube channel.

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