The Official Introduction to My Blog15 October, 2019written by Bill

My blog just spawned!!!

Hello my readers, here I am from Indonesia. I want to introduce myself to you, my name is Muh Ibnu Habil Hanafi (my friends call me Bill). Currently i work as a Developer at Arkadia Digital Media (one of Indonesia's Digital Media Group). Some of our core technologies that we use are Opensource. I am feel most comfortable in the backend development, but i do like playing around with Javascript for the frontend. Just for your information, English is not my first language, so you might found incorrect sentences or grammar in this blog (sorry for any mistakes), I am still working on my English.

What can i expect in this blog?

I'll put everything in this blog about tips and technical topics, i'll share my personal knowledge, this also includes useful tips that I found around the internet and hopefully it'll be useful for developers out there.

I know this blog still lack of features, but don't worry, it's just about time and i'll add more features so it can be a complete blog. Finally, don't forget to comeback or you can bookmark now for future content.

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