How to Easily Setup Webpack Configuration23 October, 2019written by Bill

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When a developer start to learn a framework or library like ReactJS or VueJS we usually found an example project bundled with webpack. Since we're a newcomer in this kind of tool, we don't know how it work. Each articles on the internet has a different configuration on this webpack thing.

Some people might be say just use create-react-app. I know this tool is awesome (i use it a lot though), with just one command, our project is ready to use. But it might be important to know how this thing work, so we should try to setup our own config from scratch. We need to jump to webpack official website to find out how it work, i myself already read all of its content, it is easy to follow, you should try by yourself.

But, here is the important thing in this article. I have found a website (some of you might be already know about this website), like an interactive website to generate a webpack config file. It is support transpiler, styling, image, utilities, linting and optimization. It's called Of course you should read the webpack concepts first to understand those things work, but if you already know about those things and you're a bit lazy to create your own config, may be you can try to use this website to generate your webpack config.

I know this is not the best config and/or may be not suit with your need, there are so many webpack config that you can find on google. Through this article, i hope it will help you to easily setting up your webpack config.


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